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Heaven’s Gain specializes in providing services and products for families suffering the loss of a child through miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death. Information and resources are available throughout our website.

Our baby caskets and infant urns are personalized to reflect the dignity of the miscarried or stillborn baby at any age. A dignified burial is very important to acknowledge the dignity of the baby and affirm the family’s grief. We hope our beautiful caskets and urns will assist grieving families on their journey to closure and peace.

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Why we sell products: Burying the dead is a corporal act of mercy. At Heaven’s Gain, part of our mission is to provide a product that reflects the dignity of the deceased baby – at whatever stage – to help and bring the family closure and peace. When someone loses a child, no matter the age, they have only one opportunity to do something special for that baby and that is to preserve their memory by giving them a beautiful final resting place that emphasizes how much they are treasured and how even though small, they still have great dignity

Why we offer information: Our ministry, Heaven's Gain, provides help to those suffering a death of a baby, either during pregnancy or a preemie or newborn death. Our goal is to support the family in their time of grief, to provide dignity for the baby, and assist in closure for the family. With a Certified Baby Loss Doula on staff, we offer non-medical information helping support those suffering pregnancy loss at all stages of pregnancy.

Our ministry, Heaven's Gain, provides help to those suffering a death of a baby, either during pregnancy, or after birth. Our goal is to support the family in their time of delivery and grief. We strive to provide parents verbal support affirming the dignity of their baby. We hope to bring some peace to a sorrowful time by providing guidance so the family can choose a proper closure that works for them. We provide support and non-medical information.

Losing a child at any age of a pregnancy is a difficult thing. Losing our son at 21 weeks was a nightmare. Without Donna and Heavens Gain I don't know how we would have gotten through it. Not only do they have great products but they knew what we were going through because of their personal experiences. The funeral home we used had nothing small enough for him because he was only 15oz and 9 inches long. We ordered a wood Casket and it was beautiful. Everyone commented how much it looked like a grown-up casket only smaller. I appreciate all your help and would recommend Heavens Gain to anyone experiencing a loss.      

Kim and Michael
grieving parents

About Us

Donna and Jim Murphy

ministry creators

Heaven's Gain started out of our own miscarriage experiences. We were frustrated that we were unable to find a little baby casket for any of our miscarried babies. Even a casket for early stillborn baby was difficult to find. We believed each miscarried and stillborn baby was a loss. Proper burial of our miscarried/stillborn babies in a little casket was very important to us. Even after diligently searching, we were not able to find a little baby casket or tiny coffin for any of our miscarried babies. This is why it is so important for us to offer others choices in burial of their babyHeaven's Gain is a home based ministry providing small baby caskets for miscarried, stillborn, preemie babies, or infants who have died. Our ministry attempts to aid parents in finding a small baby casket sized appropriately for their baby. The miscarriage burial caskets on our website are beautifully decorated in our own home. We pride ourselves in being able to provide personalized baby caskets of various sizes and styles that promote the dignity of the child while giving the family some solace and closure. Our stillborn, miscarriage, or preemie loss burial products are shipped out quickly to families suffering any type of pregnancy loss. We know from experience every family grieves differently. Some people feel more comfortable letting a health care provider handle disposition of the remains. Our products are for those who desire to bury their baby whether they are miscarriaged, a stillborn, a preemie loss, or an infant loss. We hope our tiny baby burial caskets, urns, and other products will acknowledge and uphold the dignity of each small baby and bring comfort and closure to each grieving mother, father, and family member!


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